About Us

About Powered


Are you looking for where to get the best fitness clothes? Do you want to dress in a way that you will be empowered to meet your fitness goal? If yes, welcome to Powered, the right fashion destination for your bespoke gym attires.


Who are we?

Powered is a fast-rising fitness apparel brand. We offer the most outstanding yet comfortable gym clothes that you would love to have. Our designs support effective performance, helping you to work out efficiently.

Wearing the right workout clothes is key to your workout session. It is based on this understanding that Powered has been created. Our designs are made with your progress in mind. We want you to be able to avoid any obstacle and achieve your fitness goal.

Our designs are for anyone, especially those who want high quality at an affordable price. All our gym clothes are designed for comfort and high performance.


Our Goal

At Powered, we are committed to creating and offering exceptional quality gym clothes that would help you execute your workout sessions as comfortably as possible. Also, Powered wants to help you achieve your fitness goals in the most fashionable way. With Powered, it is okay to set both fitness and fashion goals, as Powered can help you achieve both with our products.


Why Us

Powered is driven by creativity and innovation. Our team is committed to creating creative, comfortable gym clothes that you would be glad you got. We also prioritize quality. This is why all Powered's designs are made from the finest materials to ensure they are of high quality, and they last long.

At Powered, we help you to look good and fit. We have very comfortable gym clothes that you would find very attractive. From the most relaxed hoodies, supportive seamless leggings to well-designed gym shirts, we got you covered.


Reach Out

So are you interested in the best quality fitness clothes? Reach out to us so that we can help you reach your fitness goal in the most comfortable fitness wear. Check out our collection, and get in touch with us today.